Live Free or Die 2  原始拓荒客 第二季

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2016/01/05 第244期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱


Live Free or Die 2  原始拓荒客 第二季

by Ivy Liu

People are rejecting their mainstream lives to survive out in nature.

  In the modern way of life, people toil away at work or sit at school for hours on end. In their moments of free time, their eyes are glued to brightly lit screens. The financial and social pressures that society creates, like having money, a career, adequate food, or fancy gadgets, engage people in an endless spiral. In turn, they might find themselves longing for a connection with nature, whether through hiking, taking a walk by a river, or camping. Some are taking this longing to the extreme by trading their modern lives for a primitive lifestyle.
  A National Geographic Channel (NGC) series called Live Free or Die 2 follows the lives of six people in America who are part of a subculture called rewilding. You may have heard of rewilding through Christopher McCandless, whose story is recorded in the best-selling nonfiction novel Into the Wild. The idea is to be self-sufficient and live completely off the land in remote areas. In the show, some have built their homes from what they could find in nature. They even hunt, forage, and grow their own food when they need to. Without refrigeration, heat, running water, or electricity, they have to focus all of their efforts on surviving every day. However, they’re happy living freely on their own terms.
  To be a rewilder is obviously no easy task. One must acquire years’ worth of skills and training to be fully self-sufficient. Each member of the latest season of Live Free or Die 2 has their own set of skills that helps them utilize their surroundings. They must come up with innovative solutions to every obstacle Mother Nature throws at them, such as dealing with harsh weather and finding sources of food, while avoiding the convenience of technology. Learn how to live out in the wild this month on NGC’s Live Free or Die 2.

  1. reject vt. 拒絕……
    同: turn down… / turn… down
    The school rejected Amy’s application because it wasn’t completed properly.
  2. mainstream a. 主流的 & n. 主流
  3. adequate a. 足夠的,適當的
    You need adequate sleep, or else your health will suffer.
  4. spiral n. 螺旋 & a. 螺旋的
    衍: in a(n) downward / upward spiral  不斷減少/增加
    Ever since John retired, his health has been in a downward spiral.
    *downward a. 向下的
  5. primitive a. 原始的;早期的
    The tribespeople in the mountain area still live a primitive life.
  6. self-sufficient a. 自給自足的
    sufficient a. 充份的,足夠的
    Leo leads a self-sufficient life on his farm.
  7. forage vi. 覓食
    衍: forage for…  尋找……(食物)
    Stray dogs often forage for food in the alley behind the night market.
  8. utilize vt. 利用
    The diplomat utilized her negotiation skills to end the crisis between the two countries.
    *negotiation n. 談判,交涉
  9. obstacle n. 阻礙(之後常接介詞 to)
    同: barrier n.
    = hindrance n.
    Gina’s biggest obstacle is her fear of heights.
    Laziness is an obstacle / a barrier / a hindrance to success.
  1. toil away  辛勤工作
    toil vi. 勞動 & n. 辛勞
    Having toiled away in the garage all afternoon, I took a bath and listened to some relaxing music.
    It’s a shame that Dennis has achieved nothing after years of toil.
  2. for hours / days / weeks / months… + on end  
    比較 一段時間 + in a row  連續……一段時間(與數字並用)
    We have worked overtime for weeks on end to finish the job.
    It snowed for three days in a row when I was on vacation in Japan last winter.
  3. be glued to…  緊盯著……看
    glue vt. 使緊盯(常用被動)& n. 膠水
    Tommy is glued to the TV whenever cartoons are on.
  4. engage sb in…  使某人加入……中
    衍: engage in…  參與……;從事……
    engage vt. & vi.(使)從事;(使)忙於
    Willy acted coldly when I tried to engage him in conversation.
    The psychiatrist advised Jay to engage himself in more social activities.
    *psychiatrist n. 精神科醫師
  5. long for N  渴望……
    同: yearn for N
    = be longing / yearning / eager for…
    My father longs for the days when life was much simpler.
  6. live off…  靠……生活
    Most people on the island live off the sea.
  7. on one’s own terms  按照某人自己的方式
    Doris decided to live her life on her own terms.
  8. come up with…  想出……(方法、點子等)
    I’ve come up with a plan that will save you hundreds of NT dollars a day.

Live Free or Die  不自由毋寧死
(1775 年由美國政治家 Patrick Henry 提出,法國大革命後流行於世)
gadget n.(科技)小玩意
subculture n. 次文化
rewilding n. 野化
nonfiction n.(虛構)非小說類(集合名詞,不可數)
refrigeration n. 冷藏

原始拓荒客 第二季
  國家地理頻道(NGC)中名為《原始拓荒客 第二季》的系列節目跟隨著六個人在美國的生活,他們屬於被稱為野化的次文化當中的一部份。你可能因為克里斯多夫.麥肯迪尼斯這個人而聽過野化,他的故事被記錄在暢銷紀實小說《走入荒野》(又譯《阿拉斯加之死》)一書當中。這個想法即是自給自足並且完全生活於偏遠的陸地上。節目中,有一些人已經藉由他們能在大自然中找到的材料打造了自己的家。他們甚至在必要時去打獵、覓食,以及種植他們自己的糧食。沒有冷藏、熱能、自來水和電力,他們每天必須將所有的精力專注在存活下去這件事上。然而,他們樂於按照他們自己的方式無拘無束地生活。
  要成為一個野化者顯然不是件簡單的任務。一個人必須要有多年積累的技能和訓練才能完全自給自足。《原始拓荒客 第二季》最新一季中的每位成員都有自己的一套能幫助他們善用環境的技能。他們必須想出創新的解決方法來克服大自然丟給他們的每一個障礙,像是應付惡劣天氣以及找尋食物來源,同時也要避免運用科技所帶來的便利。在本月國家地理頻道的《原始拓荒客 第二季》單元中,來了解野外生存之道吧。





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