Electric Lathe – Practicality Vs Art

Heavy Duty Lathe

Electric Lathe – Practicality Vs Art

While most people know that an electric lathe is great for woodworking projects, there are a few tools that come standard with a lathe that is much more than just works of art. A couple of the more unique pieces of equipment for electric lathes include a platen and a table for preparing cuts on wood. While both of these have their place in woodworking, they also offer a number of other uses in the home or business.

The platen is an equipment mounted below the blade, allowing it to be moved up and down. When the driver wants to make a particular cut, he has to move the platen to exactly where he wants it. To do this, the platen is held in place by two wheel studs and the driver simply pulls on the wheel studs until he is able to move the platen up and down at will. This makes the platen a very handy tool for removing materials from the bench top and for making fine cuts on larger pieces of wood, like doors or windows.

The platen is a little smaller than the table, and a small saw is required to remove the smaller pieces of wood. There are a few types of lathes that include a small saw as standard equipment, but these usually come with a table and an adjustable fence. An adjustable fence is important for creating beautiful, precise cuts when shaping large boards or delicate items.

An electric heavy duty lathe with a wooden table is an expensive piece of equipment and one that should only be used in special circumstances. If the table rail is not adjustable, the table can easily become an obstacle when turning the material into items such as floors, cabinets, or windows.

An electric wood turner is another piece of equipment that is highly specialized and is best used in a workshop. This equipment includes a platen, and it can be used to create intricate angles and curves on any item. As the machine is often run off of electricity, it is also used to shape metals and other materials, such as copper.

In addition to these specialized tools, the light weight of an electric heavy duty lathe means that they are perfect for home work. The heavy duty lathe is often a focal point of a family’s woodworking. They are particularly useful for carving masterpieces, and the four wheels to give them a stable and secure working platform.

An electric heavy duty lathe gives a number of other uses beyond the basic woodworking projects that most individuals are familiar with. The equipment itself, however, makes for an attractive addition to any woodworking room.

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