Selecting the Right Double-Sided Grinder For Your Needs

A double-sided grinder consists of a spinning blade that rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise. The first spinning face is commonly referred to as an open face. It has a slot in the center for the dust to enter. The other face is known as a closed face and is used to grind the material. These types of grinders are popular with most jewelry manufacturers due to their ability to grind larger and heavier materials than single-sided grinders.

The two-sided version is designed to grind softer materials such as ceramics and plastic. It is more suited for grinding jewelry than other types of workpieces. Typically a jewelry maker will use a single-sided grinder on softer materials such as silver, gold and copper while the double-sided grinder will be used on harder and bulkier items. If you have purchased a single-sided grinder it is important that you take care of the grinding mechanism to ensure it will last for many years. The best practice is to turn the grinding wheel regularly to ensure the teeth are not damaged and to ensure you are obtaining the maximum grinding results.

Jewelry grinders can be found in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Most models will hold a standard size set of interchangeable cutting discs that are ideal for both single and double-sided grinding. These grinders are designed to work efficiently on most surfaces and provide good quality results. Two-sided grinders are typically more expensive than single-sided units due to the additional material needed to support the blade.

Most two-sided grinders come complete with a blade guard to protect the grinding surface during transportation and storage. Blade guards are a great investment to protect the grinding blade from moisture and dust while traveling. In addition, two-sided grinders are generally larger and heavier than single-sided units. They also tend to offer a higher level of accuracy and produce a finer result than their single-sided counterparts.

When selecting a two-sided grinder it is important that you consider what specific requirements you have for your milling operation. If you are looking for an economical solution to producing fine lines and detailed designs then the small 2.5 oz. aluminum oxide disc produces the finest burrs. This type of grinder can be found at most home improvement centers. Other options include two-sided grinders made of cast iron, bronze or steel and even hand-turned versions.

When purchasing a new mill it is important to select a model that will offer the best performance based upon the specific requirements you have. Two-sided grinders tend to be faster and produce a finer finish than single-sided grinders. Although more expensive, they offer the convenience of using two tools to complete the same task. However, if you need to grind very small objects they can also leave you with many burrs. Selecting the appropriate mill for your needs will allow you to produce a beautiful piece of jewelry, precision-crafted items and precision ground foods.

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