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CNET September 24, 2015

Smart home and appliances
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We bought a house: Check out the CNET Smart Home
What better way to review smart-home tech than from a house meant for that exact purpose? READ MORE »
Andrew Gebhart
Associate Editor / Louisville, KY

Latest reviews /

This espresso maker pulls shots for less, but it’s a drag to use

The low-priced $90 Mr. Coffee Pump Espresso Maker can make cappuccinos on the cheap but its design could use work.

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iRobot trades suction for smarts with its new Roomba 980

iRobot’s Wi-Fi-enabled robot vacuum cleaner struggles to perform on par with its Roomba predecessors.

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SmartThings 2.0 simplifies smart home integration…sort of

SmartThings’ second-generation Hub is smarter, but its companion app is tough to navigate.

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Connected home contender?

The HomeKit-compatible Insteon Hub Pro shows potential.

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Get your fresh latte fix with the low-priced DeLonghi Pump Espresso

Casual cappuccino and latte drinkers will find plenty to love in this compact and affordable machine.

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The 4Flow LED wasn’t broke, but Cree fixed it

Is the newly refined Cree 4Flow LED actually better than the old one?

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Power outages can’t catch you off guard with the iSocket 3G

This plug is smart enough to know when its outlet doesn’t have power, and uses cellular signal to keep you informed.

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Saving water looks smarter with Oasys

Meet Oasys, a gizmo designed to monitor how much water you use.

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Video of the week /

Building the CNET Smart Home begins with SmartThings

There are a lot of ways to outfit a smart home. Here’s why we decided to kick things off with SmartThings.

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Featured products /

CNET Smart Home: in pursuit of the perfect Wi-Fi network

Here’s how we got our Wi-Fi up and running at CNET’s brand new Smart Home.

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Smart security buying guide

Jump-start your home security search with this handy buying guide.

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Smart-home garden-tech buying guide

Expand your smart home beyond your outer walls with connected outdoor tech.

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